Home Care Trends in India

In recent years, an upward trend has been witnessed in home health care in India and worldwide. According to recent statistics, the home healthcare market is expected to reach $19.9 bn by 2025.

 A major cause of this rising trend is COVID-19 which introduced a large population to the possibility of receiving specialized and customized health care outside hospitals in the comfort of their homes.

Once associated with the elderly only, home care has increased rapidly in recent years, and is demanded by patients of all ages, after surgery or hospitalization. And this expansion is particularly significant in our country where the bed-to-population ratio is very low, according to experts.

In addition, home care professionals now provide a wide range of care services in the comfort of the patient’s home- preventive, promotive, palliative care, chronic, and acute rehabilitative.

Thus, home health care has become mandatory in India with an increasing life expectancy. In addition, with an increase in cutting-edge medical technology and communication, patient-centric home care has now become possible.

Home Care is India’s New Normal

The Seven Nexus teaam understands this increasing demand for home care and is committed to providing structured training to its staff according to the evidence-based treatment protocols covering a wide range of protocols.

We believe in constant training of our staff so they can provide personalized care to patients at their homes.

We speacialize in medical technology and position ourselves as a relay between the patients and the hospital, involving qualified nurses. We provide home care, but also offer technical support with appropriate equipment. Thus taken care of, your loved ones no longer need to be hospitalized.

We offer:

In relation to the medical equipment, we also offer

  • the installation of equipment for respiratory assistance (masks, continuous positive pressure devices, etc.);
  • the installation of infusion or nutrition products (syringe pumps, insulin pumps, etc.).

Our Staff

Our staff includes qualified nurses and dietitians who play a decisive role in coordinating the organization of home care for the patients and promoting their activity.

This home assistance is therefore not without constraints. Due to the equipment (nutrition pump, non-invasive ventilation devices, masks, etc.), our staff is required to organize on-call duty to be able to meet the needs of patients 24 hours a day. This can range from simple information by telephone to physical movement within a given geographical area, to deliver or change equipment.

Our nurses play the role of both caregiver and technical and therapeutic educator.

The nurse’s mission is to continue the patient’s post-operative treatment and accelerate the recovery. They aim to provide home care to patients according to their specific needs assessing all of their care parameters.