Medical Equipment

Sale of Medical Equipment on Lease at Seven Nexus!

Delivery in 48 hours!

Do you need medical equipment for your loved ones at home? Or is there an emergency? Or you’re a business selling medical equipment and need to stock up some equipment?

Contact us and save time with our shipping service!

Seven Nexus offers a wide range of medical equipment from the best manufacturers on sale and lease to patients and businesses at their doorstep in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

Because health is priceless, entrust the purchase of your medical products and equipment to Seven Nexus. We assure you of the delivery of reliable and high-quality products from the top manufacturers in the market.

Our qualified nurses are specialized in installing medical equipment so that patients can get the necessary care in the comfort of their homes.

How it Works!

  • Send your list of products or your prescription to Seven Nexus through email or call.
  • Receive a quote, validate it and then proceed to choose the payment method-buy or get your equipment on lease- and secure payment.
  • Receive your product within 24-48 hours,depending on the time slot that suits you and the availability of the equipment.

A Tailor-Made Delivery!

Service dedicated to professionals and individuals, we provide tailor-made delivery to meet your needs:

Fast: we offer delivery within 24-72 hours in complete safety

Simple: entrust us with your request and we take care of the rest: the purchase of the equipment, the type of packaging, the shipment, etc.

Secure: the integrity of your products is guaranteed! The Seven Nexus team offers you suitable solutions with temperature maintenance (positive or negative) for your products, with the greatest respect for sanitary hygiene standards. Also, your order remains confidential!

Our team Welcomes You 24/7!

The Seven Nexus team provides you with a team of professionals who will guide and advise you on the sale and lease of medical equipment, home nursing care, therapy, and of nutrition and diet.         

We also offer you a whole range of products and advise you on the different brands. Once you place an order, we deliver free to your address to best meet your needs.