Nutrition & Diet

Seven Nexus is dedicated to providing high-quality Home Nutritional Support to patients in their homes, covering all aspects of the practice through our teams of specialized nutritionists.

The Purpose of Our Nutrition & Diet Services

Our purpose and commitment are to be leaders in providing high-quality, safe, and cost-effective health care and nutritional support services that meet the needs and expectations of our patients in the comfort of their homes.

Our focus on satisfying the expectations and applicable requirements of the interested parties is achieved through management based on integrity, creativity, passion, collaboration, and commitment of a highly qualified team focused on the continuous improvement of our processes and services.

Our nutritionists refer to the professional (specialized in the practice of nutritional support) who will be in charge of carrying out at home:

  • presentation of a nutritional program according to the patient’s needs;
  • family training (along with nursing);
  • stock control of home supplies;
  • anamnesis of food consumption (oral route / enteral nutrition); nutritional assessment;
  • Indication of the Food Plan orally (if necessary).

Your follow-up nutritionists will also keep in close contact with your Physician if required.

Post-Operative Home Nutritional Assistance in Vellore!

Our nutritionist assists you with a speedy recovery and guides and educates you for this time of rest. With us, you will be taken care of.

The Seven Nexus team aims to assist our patients in promoting a healthy and well-nourished body to speed up their recovery process and prevent diseases.

 Our qualified professionals adapt the patient’s diet to their particular condition and needs.


  • Assess your nutritional status. This assessment is often necessary for people after surgery at home
  • Early detection of undernutrition using professional measurement and diagnostic tools.
  • Advise and give education on everything related to nutrition
  • Implementation of a personalized and secure nutritional care strategy
  • Use of equipment adapted to the patient’s needs, in collaboration with private practitioners
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of the strategy by our multidisciplinary teams (dietician and nurse)
  • Provide recommendations for the integration of healthy eating habits while drawing inspiration from the guidelines

We Offer Personalized Nutritional Support to Patients

Your condition requires specific nutritional monitoring:

  • Overweight, obesity, weight loss, and dietary deficiencies
    • Diabetes, digestive and metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disease
    • Person recovering
    • A person with long immobilization.
  • General dietary advice: pregnant or breastfeeding women, the elderly, athletes, etc.
  • Prevention of the risks associated with certain diseases: arterial hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, etc.

The Seven nexus team’s nutritionists offer personalized support, adapted to your condition in the case of an illness or post-operative recovery, and carried out in the comfort of your home.

Our Nutritionists put all their expertise at the service of our patients to enable them to maintain a quality of life and pursue their activities!