Pharmacy Service

Your Medications Managed and Delivered to Your Home Safely!

Are you unable to get to the pharmacy?

Many people choose to stay at home during their post-operative recovery phase or any other health conditions. In these situations, home nursing care, along with the delivery of pharmaceutical products, facilitates and improves the therapeutic care of the patients at home.

Pharmacy service is a convenient option when you use medication regularly. Save time on your trips to pharmacies and have it delivered to your home by the Seven Nexus team!

Seven Nexus offers various services administered from the comfort of your home, among which the delivery of pharmaceutical products to your doorstep stands out. No need to wait or move; your medication comes to you!

Where Do We Make Deliveries?

To meet all the requirements of drug delivery and to ensure its safety and quality, we currently offer delivery in Vellore, Tamilnadu, and its surroundings only.

Drug transport is a regulated activity that must meet strict rules and requirements. To ensure that your medication is transported and delivered in the best conditions, we follow the rules and delivery standards of pharmaceutical products.

The delivery people are specially trained to meet the requirements of transporting medicines for individuals.

How it Works!

Exchanges with our expert!

You can ask our experts for advice directly via chat or call during a delivery request.

A simple and fast shipment

Upload or take a photo of your prescription and the documents needed for your delivery for easy and secure sharing with our experts!

Your data is secure

Your documents are transmitted securely to the experts, who are the only ones to view and validate them.

Delivery of the Medicines to Your Doorstep

Your medications are transported and delivered in isothermal bags, opaque and sealed by the pharmacist, thus guaranteeing the complete confidentiality of the contents of your delivery. The pharmacist is the only person who prepares your prescription for delivery.

Is Home Pharmacy Service Safe?

The pharmacy service at home has been widely accepted by patients, showing a high degree of satisfaction with it. Trips to the hospital have been avoided, reducing the risk of contagion. The trend started with the pandemic, but patients’ demand extended outside the pandemic period, and now they want it to be complemented with a telepharmacy pharmaceutical care consultation.

 In addition, the demand for pharmacy services also advanced with a significant increase in the demand for home nursing services for post-operative care or other health conditions.

We deliver pharmaceutical products to your home safely and provide a consultation service on demand by the patient or their family. Our expert nurses are at your disposal to manage your medications and accelerate your recovery process.

We Provide Home Nurses for Individuals of All Ages!

The simple and free solution to meet your home care needs.

The Seven nexus team is committed to providing quality nursing care when and where you want it. From children to the elderly, a wide range of treatments is available to meet your expectations.