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This site contains information about Seven Nexus’ services and a means of contacting Seven Nexus. These services are intended for use only according to the law.

Seven Nexus ensures to provide accurate and up-to-date information about its services on this site; however, users must use this site at their own risk. This site is not an authoritative source of information about Seven Nexus, its suppliers, partners, sponsors, and other third parties.

 Seven Nexus can make changes to the services we offer on the site at any time, with or without prior notice.

Seven nexus is not liable to users or any third party if any changes are made to the services it offers or if the services are suspended or discontinued.

Limitation of Liability

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Users must use this site at their own risk. In no case will Seven Nexus be responsible for damages and/or losses even when these could have been warned and/or prevented.

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Why is Seven Nexus required to collect and process personal data?

As a home healthcare provider, Seven Nexus is required to collect and use certain information concerning its patients and the members of its care team, suppliers, and partners. The collection and processing of patient data are necessary for Seven Nexus to ensure their care at home and to coordinate with their prescribing doctor or other members of the care team. The processing of patient data may also prove necessary for Seven Nexus to meet the health safety requirements applicable to it in its capacity as a distributor of health products.

Seven Nexus also needs to collect and process data from its suppliers and partners in the context of its commercial relations.

Finally, like any business, Seven Nexus is required to process the personal data of its employees as part of its mission and to manage human resources.

How does Seven Nexus ensure the protection of your personal data?

Seven Nexus is responsible for processing your data and guarantees that the collection and processing of this data are carried out in accordance with the regulations in force. We ensure that the security of your data is maintained and answer any questions you may have regarding your data.

Seven Nexus may modify the data protection policy as needed and will ensure that you are informed of these changes through our site or personally through emails.

Uses Not Allowed

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